ESI 2019

ESI History

The Expo-Sciences International is a biennial event of the duration of approximately one week while the exhibition of the projects is open to the public for three days. Each edition of the ESI is host by a different member country of MILSET.

The first Expo-Sciences International was organized in 1987 (ESI 87) in Montreal, Canada and received a great welcome by the young scientific community.

The creation of the International Movement for Leisure Activities in Science and Technology (MILSET Mouvement International pour le Loisir Scientifique et Technique) during the ESI 1987 marked the beginning of a successful series of Expo-Sciences International that took place all over the world reaching the seventeenth editions in 2019.

(ESI 1987)                    Quebec, Canada

(ESI 1989)                    Brest, France

(ESI 1991)                    Prague, Czech Republic

(ESI 1993)                    Amarillo, USA

(ESI 1995)                    Kuwait City, Kuwait

(ESI 1997)                    Pretoria, South Africa

(ESI 1999)                    Puebla, Mexico

(ESI 2001)                    Grenoble, France

(ESI 2003)                    Moscow, Russia

(ESI 2005)                    Santiago, Chili

(ESI 2007)                    Durban, South Africa

(ESI 2009)                    Tunisia

(ESI 2011)                    Bratislava, Slovakia, E.U.

(ESI 2013)                    Abu Dhabi, UAE

(ESI 2015)                    Brussels, Belgium

(ESI 2017)                    Fortaleza, Brazil

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