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MILSET STEAM Photo Contest

Open your eyes on science!

Taking a camera, shooting a picture is an easy deal. What about going further? What about using the pictures to discover science?

From a water drop to a rainbow, from a bubble to a geyser, from smoke to light, from microscopy to astronomy, everywhere, we are facing scientific phenomena. MILSET aims to allow you to freeze them for eternity!

The MILSET STEAM Photo Contest (SPC) aims at creating a leeway for youth to express what they observe within science, in pictures creatively. During ESI 2019, the SPC winner pictures will be displayed, showing the best STEAM concepts looked through a lens.

Don't miss the opportunity to admire these outstanding pictuers and improve your knowledge.

Young Citizens Conference

MILSET Young Citizens Conferences (YCC) are dedicated to the views and concerns of youth regarding the social impact of science and technology on the modern world, gathering their voices from every part of the globe and encouraging them to enter the discussion actively.

The exponential growth of new technologies and scientific knowledge has generated new and exciting possibilities; however, this has also raised new ethical, social and ecological issues. We believe that the open-mindedness of young scientists, combined with their sense of social responsibility can yield important contributions to the dialogue.

The primary goals of these conferences are achieved through a three-step methodology: Concerns / Discussion / Actions

YCC GOALS Create a space where youth can express their views on the topic;

·      Create a space where youth can express their views on the topic;

·      Engage youth in discussion and debate concerning their future;

·      Enable youth to discover their responsibilities;

·      Encourage youth to express their concerns about the topic through participation in an open global discussion;

·      Present the voice of youth through short video presentations, which will be posted on the MILSET website and other internet platforms.

During ESI 2019, youth participants will have the opportunity to raise their voices about ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, with the support of experts on the field. If you are an accredited participant of ESI 2019 between 13 to 25 years old, wait for the YCC registration launching in July.

To know more clicke here!

Lectures, Workshops and Round Tables and Conferences

The purpose of these scientific sessions is to complement the scientific contents showcased in the exhibiting area and to encourage communication and interaction between the participants.

These activities provide the forum for scientific discussions between students as well as between the scientific communities and teachers, students, and even public attendees.

An important theme is inter-disciplinary research. Fellows are working in different groups, laboratories and institutes and the research activities address a wide variety of scientific problems. The main objective of these sessions is to alert researchers and key players in the different research disciplines to the needs of society for science in different scientific area.

We would like to propose to concentrate these activities focusing on the following subjects:

·      Nanotechnology

·      Research & Development

·      Science and Innovation

·      Sustainable development

·      Renewable Energies

·      Peaceful Nuclear Energy

Cultural Night

The Cultural Night will provide an interesting glimpse into the country's past. This cultural evening enlightens the senses and gains a deeper understanding and appreciation of the country we have all grown to love! Attendees would be able to enjoy an evening full of excitement with an Emirati conversation demo lesson, cultural tips, traditional cuisine, and complete insight into the UAE and its history. 

Moreover, during the Cultural Night, the exhibition hall will become a big festival, where participants will have the opportunity to share their culture and tradition through two different activities:

·      Present, on the stage, a traditional dance on song of their country

·      Present traditional costumes, souvenirs, foods, candies inside a booth

The details of the Cultural Night  will be available in the ESI 2019 Participant Guide.


Cultural and scientific tours will be organised for the participants, teachers and VIP's of ESI 2019, to explore the extraordinary heritage of the UAE and visit some of the main attractions of our country. All the details will be provided in Participant Guide

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has emerged as one of the popular tourist destinations in the world, offering visitors interesting sightseeing and recreational opportunities. Sightseeing in the UAE includes a visit to ancient archaeological sites, historical landmarks, museums, mosques, traditional houses, as well as artificial islands, dunes, beaches and world-class theme parks. Almost all seven emirates have some interesting sightseeing opportunities to offer to visitors.

Abu Dhabi main attractions are not to be missed! Explore Here.

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