ESI 2019

International Participants

How to participate?

The projects showcased at ESI 2019 are selected by MILSET Member Organisations.

If you are:

A MILSET member:

You will receive an email of with your invitation and password to register your delegation on ESI 2019 registration system. In case you didn't receive it, please recover it on the page or send an email to

Non-MILSET member

Please send your request to and the corresponding MILSET Regional Office email. Do not forget to add the name of your organisation, country, contact name and email address:



MILSET Europe:


MILSET Vostok :

MILSET Africa:

The corresponding office will analyse your request. If the Regional Office authorises your participation, you will receive a welcome letter with your access code to register on ESI 2019 registration system.

Individual Projects

 In case you have a Project and are interested in participating in ESI 2019, please follow the next steps:

1- Contact a MILSET member organisation from your country, through this link.

2- Ask if you can be part of its delegation and follow the process that the organisation indicates.

Note:  It is not mandatory that organisations accept the request. The participation of individual projects (not representing any organisation) is usually not allowed.


ESI 2019 Registration System

To facilitate your experience on the registration of your delegations, download the Registration User Manual

Registration closes on 20/July/2019. (Including Flights details)


Participation Fees

MILSET Non-Member
Participant350 EurosParticipant450 Euros
450 EurosSupervisor550 Euros
Head of Delegation450 EurosHead of Delegation550 Euros
Guest / VIP / Press650 EurosGuest / VIP / Press650 Euros
MILSET Authority450 Euros

MILSET ESI 2019 participation rules include a maximum of one (1) adult supervisor for every three (3) young participants, plus one (1) delegation leader when the delegation has more than three (3) young participants. If your delegation does not comply with these supervisor to participant ratio, the extra supervisor(s) will be charged a full rate fee.

Participation Fees Covers: 6 nights at hotels, 3 meals per day, city tour, excursion, participant kit and transportation (venue, hotels and airports).

Participants1 to 23 to 45 to 89 to 1112 to 1415 to 1718 to 2021 to 2348 to 50..60 to 82
Adults Ratio ( Including Advisors and Head of delegation)123
78 17 21




Accommodation will be provided as follow:

  • Hotels of 4 and 5 stars. Check in at the hotels starts at 14:00.
  • Triple rooms ( one bed per person).
  • The Organising Committee will do the allocation of the delegations in the selected hotels.
  • Each delegation should propose the distribution of rooms and generate the room list to be provided to the organisers by the registration system. We kindly request to consider the gender and the age of the participants to define your room list.
  • The organisers have the right to assign to your room allocation a participant from another delegation, taking into consideration gender and age. 
  • The details of the selected hotels will be available in the ESI 2019 Participant Guide.

For early arrivals and late departures, the charges for rooms and cost of transportation from and to airports are under the delegations’ responsibility.



Transportation will be offered from and to the following Airports:

· Abu Dhabi International Airport ( AUH)

· Dubai International Airport (DXB)

As soon as you arrive at one of those airports, a team will receive you at Arrivals. Please consider that arriving at Dubai International Airport entails a 2.5 hour shuttle ride to Abu Dhabi. Moreover, the waiting time between shuttles is around 1 hour. We encourage you to book your flight to Abu Dhabi International Airport as a first choice.


To receive the transportation service, it is mandatory to upload the information of your flights in the ESI 2019 Registration system before July 20. The organising committee will not be able to provide transportation to people who will not complete the information on time. In this case, the service should be covered by the delegations.


The procedure to obtain the visa depends on the country of the request. Here you will find if your country needs a visa to ingress UAE territory.

For those who are required to obtain a Visa: 

  • Please contact the Embassy or Consulate of UAE in your country to obtain details of the documents required to process a visa application.

  • In the case that a UAE embassy or consulate is not settled in your country, please contact to the closest UAE consulate to your country.

  • Participants will receive an invitation letter to support their visa application, as soon as their registration is complete in the system.

  • It is mandatory to attach Round Flight Tickets to your application.

  • Visa could also be obtained by the following airlines: Etihad Airways  - Emirates Airlines.


  • Participants are fully responsible for securing their visa on time and for providing all required documents to obtain it.
  • The organisers will not be responsible if a participant does not receive his visa in time to travel.
  • A copy of your visa must be uploaded to the registration system by 20 August, 2019.

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