ESI 2019


Educational Tourism

Today, governments are increasingly focusing on education as a basically integral component of tourism attraction. Education is currently taking the form of a tourist product that is capable of attracting students searching for knowledge and science. The government of Abu Dhabi adopts a long-term educational outlook which aims at making Abu Dhabi the science and research hub in the region. The emirate's plan in this sector can be summarized as follows: help opening branches for globally-known universities locally, support entering into twinning programs (between local universities and global ones), providing IT-specialized schools, building research centers, arts and music institutes, among other ducational facilities to be built. With this plan successfully accomplished and carried out in upcoming years, Abu Dhabi will be truly the regional hub for education and knowledge.


Sharing Platform

become a meeting point for students engaged in scientific activities and projects for sharing ideas and experiences


Encouraging Competitiveness

 promote motivation of students in improving acquired scientific skills by creating a positive challenging approach amongst exhibiting teams.


Scientific Popularization

attract and involve private and public organizations active in science related fields to associate to the event and support future scientific projects of participants.


Scientific Knowledge

expand scientific knowledge in different scientific categories by focusing in strengthening students and teachers' awareness and promote the implementation of research based learning activities.


Scientific Research and Technological Skills

provide scientific and technological knowledge that will enhance and refine inquiry and investigation skills, use of field methods and quipment, technological equipment and resources, scientific literature and media, laboratory techniques, and analytical and computer software capabilities.


Roles and Contexts of Research

expand the understanding of the importance of research in scientific development in particular through the activities of private enterprises and public institutes. Enhance the role of scientific research as essential resource for setting policies and support the decision making process.


Academic Skills

showcase new projects and offer lectures and working sessions that can inspire new teaching activities and methods as well as represent essential tools for sharing scientific knowledge and teaching experiences that can be applied by educators in their home country.



develop a comprehensive follow-up component that will provide resources and information in the different science fields, and enhance employment opportunities for teachers and students.

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