ESI 2019


Participation in the Expo Science International 2019 is a great chance for showcasing projects of more than 1000 participants coming from more than 68 countries around the world. Be part of this event and let the world see your achievements!

Projects Requirements

ESI 2019 will reach a very large audience, and thousands of visitors are expected to visit the event. Therefore, the aim of your presentation should be to share your knowledge with visitors that might be young school pupils or people unaware of science.

In order to do that, we expect participants to focus on interactivity and simplicity of their presentation. You will present your work to the public in English. A written Abstract of 50-100 words will be requested, as well as a Project Paper (2 to 6 pages) outlining the theory, methods and results of your project (or structure of your presentation for projects that aim to popularize science). Both documents should be written in English. 

Your authorization will be required if the organizing committee wants to share or publish the content of your Project Paper, and you will be fully credited of your work. 

How to participate

The projects showcased at ESI 2019 are selected by National Organizations. Please do the following steps if you are interested to participate with your project in ESI 2019:

1-    Contact one of the organizations on MILSET list of member organization 

2-    Obtain accreditation of your project from the chosen organization

3-    Register for your participation

4- If you are a non-MILSET member send your request to and the corresponding MILSET Regional Office email. Please don't forget to add the name of your organisation, country, contact name and email address.

MILSET Europe  -
MILSET Noram -
MILSET Vostok -
MILSET Africa –

The corresponding office will analyze your request. If the Regional Office authorizes your participation you will receive a welcome letter with your access code to register on ESI 2019 registration system.

Participation Fees

€ 350 EuroParticipant€ 450 EuroInternal transport 
Participant's Kit 
City Tour 
Others ​
Supervisor€ 450 EuroSupervisor€ 550 Euro
Guest / VIP / Press€ 650 EuroGuest / VIP / Press€ 650 Euro
MILSET Authority€ 450 EuroMILSET Authority
Not Applicable​

Program ICON-03.png

MILSET ESI 2019 rule participation consists on a maximum of one (1) adult supervisor for every three (3) young participants plus one (1) delegation leader when the delegation is more than three (3), young participants. If your delegation is out of this ratio, the extra supervisor(s) will be charged with a full rate fee.


Participants1 to 23 to 45 to 8
9 to 1112 to 1415 to 1718 to 2021 to 2348 to 50 60 to 62
Adults ( Including Advisors and Head of delegation)1
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